Flexible Working

During the first lockdown, businesses rushed to put temporary fixes in place, to get everyone working from home. Now, awake to the fact that this change in the way everyone works is here to stay, they need to invest in fixing remote working for the long term.

We have been supporting businesses to work flexibly for years. Work is what you achieve not where you work

Research shows that small businesses have four clear and immediate priorities to fix remote working:

  1. Making collaboration work for the long term ā€“ most small businesses have now deployed either Zoom or Teams. They need help to understand what will work for the long term which is brilliant to use AND secure, while creating a platform to do more.
  2. Fixing home broadband ā€“ more than 40% of businesses are reporting problems with staff working at home, caused by poor networks. Over 60% say they are ready to invest to give their teams business grade, secure connectivity at home.
  3. Putting in place a cloud or hosted telephone system. Many small businesses have run their businesses in lockdown by diverting their landline to their mobile. Fixing this for the long term couldnā€™t be more straightforward, affordable and beneficial.
  4. Joining together collaboration and communications ā€“ They want to connect their systems so as not to silo customers and staff.

Our Services

Plan and Design

By making sure we fully understand your business processes we can help you improve how you collaborate either in or out of the office, with both staff and customers


If we all know where we are going then we work together to get  the IT Solutions you need to get you there.

Great Results

Set the base line

Make the required changes


Measuring the improvement is key to our value proposition

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft 365

An easy way to get all of the business applications you need, e-mail, collaboration tools , telephony accessible from anywhere on any device. Combined with security and flexibility to support your business from 1 user to 10s of thousands of users.


Supporting all of our customers to be able work flexibly, at home in the office or from any location. From simple supply of Laptops , through setup and ongoing support for home working, telephone calls following you anywhere, contact centre working from home etc. 

This has allowed our customers to work through the Covid restrictions , safely and In at least one case that company will not go back to 9-5 office attendance even after the pandemic subsides.

Latest Project

working to get a direct selling business setup to offer their products via bricks and mortar retail for the first time in the UK. Including integration of Point of Sale solution with SAP By Design ERP System.


Helping a distributor by supporting their UK operations and offering advise on all aspects of IT


Setting up the correct infrastructure to support a fast growing UK arm of a large Swiss/German manufacturing business.


Our Team

Peter Rose

Founder of Red Kite with more than 30 years experience of the IT sector in the UK

Joel Rose

Director and Founder of Red Kite, many years experience working in the IT sector mainly in the on-line and User Interface design area

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