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For businesses that need to 


We are a dynamic
team of  Business minded technical experts.

We love making the technology fit your business, so many technical solutions require the business adapts to fit. we never see it that way.

Getting the solutions that work for your business, then make them all work together to add real value to you and your customers collaboration.

Our Services

Plan and Design

By making sure we fully understand your business processes we can help you improve how you collaborate both internally and with your customers


If we all know where we are going then we work together to get  the IT Solutions you need to get you there.

Great Results

Set the base line

Make the required changes


Measuring the improvement is key to our value proposition

Our Projects


working to get a direct selling business setup to offer their products via bricks and mortar retail for the first time in the UK. Including integration of Point of Sale solution with SAP By Design ERP System.

Latest Project

Integration of systems to ensure full GDPR compliance for a company using a mix of on-site and cloud based solutions


Helping a distributor by supporting their UK operations and offering advise on all aspects of IT


Setting up the correct infrastructure to support a fast growing UK arm of a large Swiss/German manufacturing business.


Our Team

Peter Rose

Founder of Red Kite with more than 30 years experience of the IT sector in the UK

Joel Rose

Director and Founder of Red Kite, many years experience working in the IT sector mainly in the on-line and User Interface design area

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